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While the main component of a comfortable home or business is a functioning heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, how much do you know about your unit? Many home and business owners overlook their central heating and cooling system, only taking notice when problems arise. Knowledge is key to protecting your comfort and safeguarding the future. At Blue Star Heating and Air, our skilled HVAC specialists in Watauga want you to be able to make informed decisions about your property. We’ve compiled HVAC 101 facts to educate you about your central air system.

1.How Does My HVAC System Work?

While everyone has different models and brands of central air systems, the main components are usually the same. HVAC systems typically consist of an evaporator coil, a condenser coil, fans, and a compressor. This unit draws in existing in the air and cools or heats it depending on the situation.

2.Do I Need to Replace or Repair My System?

Many people wonder whether to repair or replace. Depending on the age and issue of your HVAC system, you can determine whether you need to replace it. As a rule, if repairs cost more than 30% of what it would take to buy a new system, it is probably wise to replace. Similarly, if your utility bills have significantly increased because of an old HVAC system, you may save more money by replacing.

3.Do I Even Need to Install an HVAC System?

While there are many options to heat or cool a home, installing a central air and heating system is your best bet when it comes to convenience, comfort, and saving money. Depending on which brand you choose, you can reduce your utility costs and have superior indoor air quality.

4.How Much Does a New HVAC System Save Me?

The actual amount of money saved when installing a new HVAC system differs between customers. It depends on the details. The air conditioning and heating system in the average home consumes about 40% of the totally energy costs. By upgrading to a modern unit, you can cut your energy bill in half.

5.If I Have an Existing System, Can I Use Old Parts With My New System?

Every system is different and there is no one right answer to this. It is wise to speak with an HVAC professional who can inspect your central air system and inform you of what you can replace and what you should keep.

6.How Complicated is the Installation Process?

The installation time for every HVAC system differs depending on the model of the unit and the size of the property. The ductwork often takes the most time. On average, installation can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days to install. Our HVAC specialists in Watauga have experience and work quickly and efficiently.

7.What Is an Air Handler?

The air handler is usually a large metal box that connects to the ductwork in an HVAC system. It circulates the cold or hot air through the property.

8.How Do I Know Which HVAC System is Right For Me?

If you are not familiar with the different central air systems available to you, you should contact a professional contractor who can help. At Blue Star, our heating and cooling technicians can review your property and make suggestions on which system would suit your needs.

9.Can a New HVAC System Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

A new HVAC system can significantly improve indoor air quality if you pair it with certain features. By adding humidifiers, UV lights, air filter technology, and dehumidifiers, you can enjoy cleaner, healthier air.

10.How Do I Know Which Contractor to Select?

When it comes to repairing, installing, and maintaining your HVAC system, you need someone who is certified and experienced. At Blue Star, our Watauga HVAC professionals have worked with countless clients to provide functional central air systems and can do the same for you.

Your home and business are unique and require customized solutions and services. At Blue Star Heating and Air, we work with you to provide specialized, effective HVAC services in Watauga.

If you have any questions about your central air system or want to schedule a service, call (817) 886-3332 today!

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