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When Your New AC Isn't Working Like You Hoped

Your home just got updated with the biggest, baddest air conditioner on the block—so why doesn’t your home feel comfortable? Why does it seem to take just as long to cool your house? There’s a few possible reasons, actually. We come across clients all the time who think their new unit is broken or malfunctioning, when really there’s a much simpler issue at hand.

Bad Installation Means Bad Air Conditioning

The best unit in the world doesn’t mean anything when the installation is sloppy. The thing is, installing an AC unit is not just a matter of screwing things down and plugging it in. Each unit has manufacturer specifications designed to help it run efficiently. Inexperienced technicians may miss that the unit they’re installing has too little (or too much) refrigerant. Their seals won’t be as tight, or they might miss significant leaks in your air ducts.

Your AC system is just that—a system made of several different components. Your ducts, condenser, evaporator, and thermostat all work together to keep your house comfortable. When one element is badly installed or needs replacement (like old and leaky ducts), then the rest of the system suffers—no matter how good or modern it is.

AC Units Are Not Phones or Computers—Bigger Is Not Better

When it comes to homes or devices, we like to buy the most powerful unit available. The problem is that your air conditioner is meant to work within a certain set of factors to keep your indoor climate cool. Thermodynamics isn’t just like buying a truck or computer—power isn’t everything. If your unit is too powerful or is meant for a bigger home than yours, it will be as bad as buying one that’s too small.

The factors that go into choosing the right AC unit include:

  • The size of your home
  • Your existing insulation
  • Watauga’s climate
  • The direction your home faces
  • How many people live in your home
  • The number and variety of windows you have

Here’s the Solution

If it’s not the right unit, you’ll need to exchange it and enlist a technician to find the right unit for your home. If a technician recommended it in the first place…it might be time to get a new technician. Check your warranty, and if you know the size unit you actually need, you may be able to just switch units.

If it was poorly installed, find out if the AC company has a service guarantee. At Blue Star, we think all poor service should be free. Here, if we don’t get it right the first time, we pay you for your time. If they won’t come out and reinstall it for free (or you don’t trust them), call a local installation technician to install it correctly.

Blue Star might be the right people for the job—if you’re looking for an installation technician, call us at (817) 886-3332 for a free quote.