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My AC Is Working-Why Doesn't It Feel Cool?

We’ve heard the story before: you set the temperature to the mid-70s, but instead of comfort, you’re still incredibly warm. You shouldn’t be sweating at 76 degrees. The good news is your AC system is probably perfectly fine—the bad news may be that your house is too small for the unit.

Your discomfort has to do with the human body, the way we feel heat, and the way humidity works:

Human beings get rid of waste heat through evaporative cooling and perspiration—meaning we release sweat through our pores, the sweat evaporates, and our waste heat is siphoned away from our bodies. Evaporation requires two things: heat, and for the air to be unsaturated (less humid).

When the air is humid (usually past 65% humidity is when people get uncomfortable), sweat doesn’t evaporate quickly, meaning we have a harder time keeping cool. In fact, the human body equates a slow cooling rate with higher temperature—so the air will feel warmer by 5 degrees or more.

Your home could be at 75, but it’ll feel like 80 to your body if the humidity is too high.

Why Your AC Unit Might Be Too Powerful

AC units are designed to cool your home and reduce humidity simultaneously. If you only cool your home, your humidity level and the low temperature will inhibit your body from cooling itself. Your AC system might be oversized because an oversized unit will cool the air too quickly—meaning it won’t run long enough to lower the humidity. You’re left with a cool environment that still feels hot to your body.

That’s why it’s so crucial to pick the right air conditioner for your home. These are complex machines that rely on certain factors in order to work correctly—namely, the square footage of your house. When the home cools too quickly, it can end up leaving your body warm and trapped in a humid environment.

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