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3 Heating & AC Updates Worth Your Investment

So, you’re looking to update your air conditioner. Most homeowners think that means getting a bigger unit and turning their warm home into an on-demand walk-in fridge. But an update to your AC can be more fun (and less expensive and inefficient) than that! Home comfort has gotten incredibly advanced in the last few years alone, so your options may have widened without you even realizing.

Below, we talk about 3 updates that increase your comfort, are affordable, and best of all, save you money on energy costs!

Maximize Comfort & Efficiency: Install Zone Controls

Zone control systems allow you to control the temperature of each room or area in your home.

The way most zone systems work is a thermostat is installed in each room you’d like to customize, along with a duct damper. You set the desired temperature on the thermostat in each room, and the damper will allow hot or cold air through the vent according to the thermostat.

This is ideal for situations where you don’t need the whole house cooled or warmed. On hot summer nights, running the AC for the whole house when only three bedrooms are occupied is not only wasteful—it makes comfort nearly unaffordable! Zone controls allow for up to 30% savings on energy bills, while putting less strain on your unit and making your home comfortable faster and easier.

Adjust Your AC from Anywhere: Get “Smart” AC Control

One of the newest HVAC technologies is the use of digital controls on your air conditioner. The use of “smart” home accessories, like Nest or tadoº, allow homeowners to control their thermostats from their phones while they’re away from home. This allows homeowners the option to monitor their indoor temperatures and adjust their energy usage accordingly.

The most exciting thing you can do is turn on your AC system as you’re leaving work or school. Your system stays off all day (saving you money) but you still can arrive home to a cool, comfortable home. Some brands will allow you to look at your energy consumption throughout the day, helping you identify where you can save a few dollars and run a more efficient household.

As these technologies update, software will continue to offer you greater control over your home’s heating and cooling—saving you money and reducing our energy consumption by a considerable amount.

Get Rid of Air Ducts: Buy a Ductless Mini Split System

This update does involve getting a new unit, but a far more efficient and powerful option. Ductless mini split heat pumps use two units (indoor and outdoor) to transport warm or cool air into your home. The indoor unit is an evaporator and a blower that attaches to your wall, and it blows cool air directly into your home. The lack of air ducts adds 20 to 30% of cooling efficiency to the average home!

Other advantages of ductless systems:

  • Less allergens in the air
  • Less separation between AC and indoor air
  • Less heat or cooling loss
  • No more problems with leaks or dust clogs

The other advantage of these units is that you can have multiple indoor units (which have individual controls) per outdoor unit. Most brands can support up to four indoor units per outdoor unit. That means added control over each area in your home—and again, more savings for you.

There you have it! 3 efficient, effective, and money-saving AC updates that can benefit your home in no time at all.